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He Said, She Said, God Said Book 4

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Why is marriage so difficult? Why isn’t our sex life as good as I expected? How can our marriage survive parenting? How can we have an enduring marriage?

He Said, She Said, God Said gives the biblical answers to these and other commonly asked questions about marriage. Dan and Gina Trippie give the husband’s and wife’s perspectives on the joys and struggles that married couples face. They leave themselves vulnerable but are amusingly candid as they share their personal story of marital restoration. If you are married or hope to be one day, this is an excellent, gospel-centered resource that will give hope for every marriage.

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He Said, She Said, God Said Book 1

Dan Trippie


Dan Trippie is a native of Buffalo, NY. He received his Ph.D. in ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His concentration is in Political Theology with a focus on religious liberty.
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  1. Hello, Dan! We bought your book to use for a class we’re facilitating at our church. Do you happen to have/offer any worksheets or note that we can use during the event?

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