August 2019

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Another Mass Shooting: Beyond Policy

Another Mass Shooting: Beyond Policy

Another mass shooting — our hearts sink — our anger rises. As a nation, we mourn the loss of life, and we grieve the loss of innocence. We are outraged at what we have become, and fear what we are becoming. Another boy not even old enough to rent a car becomes an active shooter. Once again, a sobering commentary on a culture that is unraveling from all ends.   In the wake of another mass

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Resisting Socialism 3

Defying Socialism

Recently, a local municipality banned dogs from all public events and festivals.[1] The city cited numerous complaints from small businesses that dog owners repeatedly allowed their pets to urinate and defecate on vending stands. City officials argued that the lack of canine supervision created a public health hazard and disrespected the private property of business owners. Therefore, the only responsible solution was for lawmakers to pass an ordinance to correct the problem. One might say,

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