July 2019

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Things we learned in 25 years of Marriage

Six Things You Need to Know About Marriage

6 Things You Need to Know About Marriage   A mentor once told us that in life, “There are things that you know, things that you don’t know, and there are things that you don’t know that you don’t know.” Twenty-five years of marriage has proven this adage to be true. When we entered the covenant of marriage we were young, naive, and gullible. Oh yes, we did premarital counseling and talked with older, more

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The Right to Die

New York seeks a world in which all of us have the best death possible, consistent with our own wishes and values.[1]  Medical aid in dying is commensurate with the Family Physician’s desire to empower our patients not only in their pursuit of wellness, their management of chronic disease, but also the alleviation of suffering when faced with a terminal illness.[2] Decisions had to be made. He was a proud man, active and strong. He

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