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How to Use AI in the Workplace—Ethically

Deception is costly. CEOs go to jail if they cook the books. Physicians are sued if they intentionally withhold medical information. Employees are fired if they lie on a résumé. Students are expelled if they plagiarize. Deception is costly not only relationally but financially.  We expect truth from our neighbors, but our economic system depends on it. We trust products and services will equal their advertised value. We sign contracts expecting both parties to act

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The Moral Fog In Letting Die

The call came just before 1 am. “Mr. Trippie, your father stopped breathing. He was without oxygen for 7 minutes. We were able to revive his heart, but he could not breathe on his own —we have him on a ventilator —get here as soon as possible.” Ethics seems like an abstract philosophical category until one gets that call. Ethics is concerned with morality —what acts are right and what acts are wrong. Most days,

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An Encouraging New Year’s Message from the Mall

I visited the mall Christmas week. There is so much inspiration to be found in the mall’s messages. A banner gracefully hung from the rafters declared, “Refresh your wardrobe,” subtly nudging patrons to consider how outdated and frumpy they are.  Another marquee boldly declared, “Treat yourself, you’re worth it,” implying that “self-indulgence is a virtue, not a vice.” I am especially encouraged by the store Forever 21 as I prepare to celebrate another birthday. Forever

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Wars and Rumors of Wars: Cultivating Courageous Habits

Growing up we had a pond in our backyard. Ponds are enchanting when you are a young boy  —especially at the start of the Northeastern winter. A boy’s courage ascends with each step across the ice-covered water — standing on the deep testifies to a young boy’s bravery. Yet the sound of cracking quickly reveals how fragile they both are. The world sounds a lot like that cracking ice lately. It’s been a while since

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Why The Church Should Talk Politics

Why The Church Should Talk Politics

(first published in Christian Post)   “Pastor . . . don’t get political!” “Politics have no place in the church.” “Jesus never talked politics.” “What about the separation of church and state?” On the surface, church and politics don’t mix. But do they? First, I understand the concerns about the church aligning herself too closely with a political party. These worries are valid. Blind partisanship tempts our fragile egos, making us feel superior to those

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Tone Deaf Tweeting —Please Don't!

Tone Deaf Tweeting — Please Don’t

I don’t log in to Twitter very often. Much of the content is discouraging and does not bring joy to my heart. But regrettably, I decided to check in the other day. It only took two quick scrolls before I was reminded why I limit my engagement. The tweet that made me cringe was not from a radical politician or a Hollywood celebrity. Instead, it was from a prominent evangelical voice. The tweet read, “Today

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Leaks, Likes, and the Ethic of Loyalty: The National Security Risks of Tribalization

Leaks, Likes, and the Ethic of Loyalty: The National Security Risks of Tribalization

Nefariousness, narcissism, or both? The FBI still does not know precisely what motivated Jack Teixeira to betray his oath of office and his nation. But the 21-year-old has placed U.S. national security and our allies in a vulnerable position. Teixeira’s leaks jeopardized human assets, exposed sensitive intel-gathering methods, and undermined U.S. trust among allies. Foolhardy or foul, Teixeira’s treachery presents another significant problem for our nation – tribal loyalty. Teixeira was part of a small

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Evangelicals, it's time for dialogue – 'The Christian way'

Evangelicals, it’s time for dialogue – ‘The Christian way’

This article first appeared in The Fulcrum In Buffalo, New York, we know the trauma of social breakdown and tragedy firsthand, but we also know the healing that happens when neighbors come together across their differences. Over the course of this past year, we have suffered an extreme blizzard with devastating loss of life; the ruthless, racially motivated murder of ten of our fellow citizens; and the firebombing of a pregnancy clinic by an extremist

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America Needs More Buffalo 1

America Needs More Buffalo

On November 24, I ran in the Buffalo Turkey Trot. I have never run this race before, so I didn’t know what to expect – but I learned nothing reflects Buffalo’s unique character like the Turkey Trot. An array of personalities set out for a 5-mile run dressed in costumes reflecting our city’s diversity and spirit. There was the running Labatt Blue can, a dinosaur wearing a number 17 jersey, and the guy running with

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Can Ukraine Save the West?

Can Ukraine Save us From Ourselves?

  The legs of Western relativism have been wobbly for a while. And now Vladimir Putin’s war may deliver a knock-out blow. While some Western intellectuals cling to a “your truth and my truth” philosophy, the invasion of Ukraine is revealing the absurdity of such thought. Evil has a way of waking us up to reality, and this may prove to be good news for the Christian message. Western intellectuals have long celebrated the benefits

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