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How to Use AI in the Workplace—Ethically

Deception is costly. CEOs go to jail if they cook the books. Physicians are sued if they intentionally withhold medical information. Employees are fired if they lie on a résumé. Students are expelled if they plagiarize. Deception is costly not only relationally but financially.  We expect truth from our neighbors, but our economic system depends on it. We trust products and services will equal their advertised value. We sign contracts expecting both parties to act

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Why The Church Should Talk Politics

Why The Church Should Talk Politics

(first published in Christian Post)   “Pastor . . . don’t get political!” “Politics have no place in the church.” “Jesus never talked politics.” “What about the separation of church and state?” On the surface, church and politics don’t mix. But do they? First, I understand the concerns about the church aligning herself too closely with a political party. These worries are valid. Blind partisanship tempts our fragile egos, making us feel superior to those

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Matthew 18: The Keys and the Sword

Matthew 18: Keys & Sword

God filled his creation with duality–black and white, day and night, spirit and flesh. Duality provides texture to the world and without contrast, we have no beauty. Duality serves to reveal the complexity of a mysterious and wonderful God. Duality also marks God’s governance in the world. In the United States, we see this duality in the separation of powers. Specifically in the separation of church and state. In the Bible, we see duality in

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Tolerance in the age of "Nones"

Tolerance in the age of “Nones”

Once upon a time, religious liberty was a virtue championed by most. Americans believed that tolerance strengthened the bonds of society and united us around a shared vision.  Our nation treasured the right of religious choice because it empowered the vision of E Pluribus Unum. Religious liberty ensured that citizens with diverse backgrounds and ideas would experience the dignity and respect owed to all humanity. Religious liberty was the embodiment of true open-mindedness.  But today,

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Auto Draft

The Right to Die

New York seeks a world in which all of us have the best death possible, consistent with our own wishes and values.[1]  Medical aid in dying is commensurate with the Family Physician’s desire to empower our patients not only in their pursuit of wellness, their management of chronic disease, but also the alleviation of suffering when faced with a terminal illness.[2] Decisions had to be made. He was a proud man, active and strong. He

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Listening as Protest

Listening as Protest

The plate is full, but the utensils do not move––nothing moves––time stands still and the showdown begins. If you have raised a child, then you know the drill. The dinner protest: arms folded, stiff upper lip and the stony stare––they are dug in. There is no more reasoning once the child has moved from listening to protest. Protest is a powerful instrument to declare our opinions and make our thoughts known. And when citizens join

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